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The Community Health  program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in health and wellness.  Building on a basic science foundation, students progress to upper division courses in contemporary health problems, curriculum design, communication techniques, health care systems, and program management.  A senior internship further prepares students for planning, delivery and evaluation of health programs in their selected areas of concentration. 

Each senior is assigned to work under the supervision of a professional health educator or administrator in an organization determined by the student's interests and availability of sites.  Internship options include settings that allow each student to focus on a particular area of interest.  Areas currently available for internships are:

     Community Health Programs
     School Health Sites
     Health and Fitness Sites
     Environmental Health Programs
     Health Care Management Organizations

Students are enrolled in a pre-practicum course (3 credits) during the fall semester of the senior year.   In the prepracticum, small groups of students are assigned to work on special health education projects at a variety of sites.  During the last few weeks, students go to their individual placement sites for introduction and orientation in preparation for the practicum course.   For the spring semester of the senior year, students are enrolled in the practicum course (10 credits).  For this final semester, each student works at the placement site under the direction of his/her preceptor, with communication, consultation, and visits provided by university faculty.

Students are welcome to suggest internship options not currently used by our program.   In this case, faculty will consult with the agency to determine interest and willingness to have a student, appropriateness of the activities proposed for the internship, availability of a health educator to act as a preceptor, and feasibility of location for required university faculty site visits.

This website is designed to facilitate communication among placement preceptors, university faculty, and seniors completing internship assignments.  The information can also be used by junior students as they go through the process of selecting an internship for the senior year.  This is a work in progress, and your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Click this link for general information  about the Department of Community Health and Sustainability.


The following faculty are responsible for student internship assignments and supervision.  Click on any name to send an inquiry to the individual.:


Nicole Champagne
Craig Slatin

Mansoureh Tajik
Leland Ackerson
Eduardo Siqueira
Patrick Scollin


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